Andrea Cavarocchi architectural studio is an handicrafts planning workshop based in Bologna. Acting since 1993 in different contexts and scales, it is engaged in pursuing architectural quality, aiming at contribute to the collective urgency of re-balancing the environment which hosts us. For this reason, aside from the size of planning issues, each topic is approached with the care and the attention stemming from sense of responsibility towards users and phisical as well as social context.
The aim of the office's work lies in promoting plenty of use and propensity to welcome, and to identify in architectural forms a character of permanence, as an alternative to quick consumption. From this viewpoint, design is approached in a pragmatic, „hand-crafted“ way, because it focuses on intimacy with materials, sizes and shapes of buildings, and on exploitation of the way they interact in determine the sense of place. Deepening relations between object and context, took the practice to appreciate the qualities of sustainability of historical architecture and to approach in a critical way the bio-architecture topics, matching in the interventions the use of natural materials and of traditional technics with advanced technologies for the reduction of environmental impact, aiming to rescue a dwelling culture rooted in territory.
It is a practice's ambition, while confronting with specific issues regarding shape, space and function, to probe architecture's power to mediate between contingent factors and issues of general interest.


Born in Teramo (IT) in 1963 and graduated at the Florence University in 1990, studying with Adolfo Natalini.
Began working in 1988 in comics, illustrations, furniture design and exhibit design, taking part in expositions in Florence, Milan, Bologna.

Since 1991 worked for two years for Tecnicoop, a big company based in Bologna, running in the meantime an indipendent professional activity.
In 1993 estabilished his own practice in Bologna. In these years he worked as an architect designer and site manager of exhibit design (National Festival of italian democratical party in 1991 and 1993, exhibition "A l'est de Magnum" in Palazzo Re Enzo- Bologna, Scandicci fair, festival "Viva Villa" in Teramo, disco club and summer exhibition "Made in Bo" since 1993 until 2000, ecology fair in Casalecchio di Reno), of restoration, furnishing and interior decoration of public venues (club "Cesare Pavese" in Bologna, disco "Kilowatthore" in Crespellano near Bologna), of restoration and new building of detached houses and studio offices (Ramponi house in Pieve di Cento, Sandri house in Cadriano, Sannicandro house in Teramo, Leonardi-Nanetti house in Budrio, Canè house in S.Lazzaro, Marani house in Castiglion Fiorentino, studio Caccioni and studio office "Globe trading" in Bologna), of shops (WP STORE's showrooms in Milano and Bologna, commercial offices of Rizzoli Orthopedic workshops in Milano, Bari, Taranto, Reggio Emilia, Ancona), of residential buildings (Milano via Zumbini and via Montegrappa), as well as of interior arrangements. Since 2000 until 2002, he designed the stands of Emilia Romagna District Administration for the most important administrative fairs in Milano, Bologna, Roma.
In 2001-2002, he worked on the restoration and extension of nursery school "L'Aquilone" in Granarolo dell'Emilia. The studio submitted some architectural and art open competitions, in collaboration with friends and collagues, which won an award, (restoration of town centre of Zola Predosa, public artwork in Taio (TN), public artwork in Vizzano (TN).

Andrea Cavarocchi published several articles about architecture in local and national magazines (Mongolfiera, Zero in condotta, Parametro).

Together with the practice of drawing in compiling a “visual travelogue” about exploration of urban realities and in “writing architecture”, he devotes himself to painting as experiment and test about forms and colours, and utilizes informatic supports as operational instruments to relate with operators in building process.
To respond to all different aspects of building process, the practice avails itself of collaborations with confidential technicians with whom relates since long time. This „net“ of relations took the name of STEM, a weft of competences able to complete, mantaining at the same time the independence of single operators.

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